Raising Kids in the Digital Age (2)

Raising kids in the digital age is new phenomenon.  

Never in history have we been surrounded with this many screens, devices, and gadgets.  

To be honest, it’s pretty awesome seeing how technology has literally transformed each OUR LIVES — from buying things online (I’m looking at you, Amazon!), to hailing a ride (Uber, Lyft), to ordering groceries (InstaCart), food deliveries (DoorDash, GrubHub, UberEats…), Skyping with Grandma, Facetiming an uncle, to online learning… it’s nothing short of revolutionary!

The list of apps are growing by the thousands!  Schools are handing out laptops to their students.


With all good things, there is a cost right?  What’s the long term cost of too much screen time?

Like in the classic Spiderman comic book series, there is a saying, “With great power comes with great responsibilities.”  

Are our kids ready for the great power they have literally at the tips of their finger?


This page will be where I curate books, resources, and blog posts relating to this topic.  Check back from time to time to see updates!


It breaks my heart to see a generation of kids more exposed to pornography than ever before.  In the past, kids and teens would literally have to hide magazines or contraband material in their mattresses or whatnot.  But now?  All it takes is a click of a button. (So much more can be written about this!)

A few years ago, studies show that the average age kids were exposed to pornography was 11 years old.  Now?  It has been said to be around age 8!  Yes, 8 years old!!!

But for now, suffice it to say, we need to be hyper vigilant to help protect them.


Be Proactive About Protecting Your Kids Against Pornography


1. COVENANT EYES is a software to keep your kids accountable to what they see on their screens and devices.

Covenant Eyes has been around for a long time now, and they have continued to develop their repertoire of services to help families.  I have followed their mission for many years and have friends who have benefitted from their services.  Right now, my kids don’t have any access to any devices, but once they are older, I will probably sign up for this service!

Even if you aren’t ready to sign up for their services, you can still benefit from a myriad of FREE resources they have on their website!

Covenant Eyes


2. Don’t forget about the {FREE} Guided Access Function!

If you have younger kids use an iPad for learning apps, be sure to use the Guided Access Function. This function is already pre-built into your iPAD devices, so it doesn’t require ANY WORK and FREE to activate it! (Yay!) Simply switch it on in your “settings” function.  For a step by step instruction, be sure to check out this article: iPad Safety Features Parents Are CRAZY Not to Use!  


3.  Check out the kids’ book:  Good Pictures Bad Pictures

The pros:  This book allows kids and parents to have a launching point to talk about Pornography openly.  It also introduces concepts, vocabulary, and topics that are really good for family discussions. 

The cons:  Well, this book speaks from a fear-based point of view and doesn’t explain things as well as I think it could have. It’s also not a Christian book, so it omits a lot of neat things that could be mentioned about how God made us to crave authentic things, but our flesh unknowingly craves for quick fixes and counterfeit stuff… So my honest take on it?  Meh.

BUT, as of date, I haven’t found any other kids’ book on this topic, so for now, this is what we have.  We own it & I’ve read it to my kids several times. Granted, it’s long.   See my photos below — some of the stuff might go right over your kiddo’s head.  But, I try summarize it to make it easier for them to understand & we’ve had some really good discussions.  As a resource, it serves as a launching point for deeper talks.

Good pictures bad pictures cover

Good pictures inside coverGood pics bad pics inside


4. Nothing beats good ol’ advice from a trusted friend.

My friend Karen has older kids that rely on the internet to do research for papers.  This is the advice she shared with me regarding how she monitors her son’s research on Chromebooks:

“I just wanted to share with you that we have found the Chromebook as a very useful tool for having [my son] access technology for school, etc with much less risk. He has his own Chromebook but he is a ‘supervised user’. In order to get to ANY website he has to click on a ‘get permission’ screen, which sends me a request, which I can either approve or deny. He has been able to use Google Docs on this, but NOT have access to other Google things…which is key!!  I can even grant access for a certain time period (while he does a school search, etc., and then take that access away when he’s done. This has allowed him as a 13 year old to feel like he has some freedom but safe freedom!! He’s still not allowed to use it in his room…but it has been a great solution for us!”

This is such awesome advice!  Thank you, Karen!

I’ve never even thought of Chromebooks before this, but now I’ll have to look more into this.  I’ve been eyeing this one on Amazon…. (drool).  One day, one day…


5.  What about VIDEO GAMING?

I know that it’s unfair to lump ALL media together. Using an app on a phone is different than using social media, which is different than playing solitaire on a computer, which is different than an all out video gaming session that involves RPG (role playing games) and MMRPG (Massively multiplayer online role-playing game).  Not all media and screen time are created equal.

Of all classes, perhaps the last category — RPG and MMORPG is the most addictive of its kind.  

Do you think your child MIGHT be playing their video games a little too much?  If so, take my FREE QUIZ HERE:  

Entertained or Addicted?  Which Side of the Line is Your Kid On (with Video Games)?


6.  Thinking about getting your kiddo a smartphone?

Download my FREE e-guide on things to consider before getting a smartphone for your child! It’s FREE!

Does Your Child Really Need a Smartphone


7.  My Most Recent Blog Post Regarding Technology:

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Long Terms Effect of Technology


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