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Contrary to what everyone else might say, the written word is not dead. Books are still the number one way to convey information, to learn, to capture our imagination and our hearts…

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Other Books that We LOVE!

Usborne Books

There is something intrinsically beautiful about kids learning for themselves.  I mean, who has time to sit and teach a kid every.single.fact that need to know for their entire lives?

So instead of investing in toys that break, every time grandparents or aunts or uncles ask us what they can get our kids for Christmas, for birthdays, for special occasions, the answer almost always is always emphatically… books!

In the early years, kids LEARN to read.  As they grow, they begin to READ to learn!

Invest in good books for your bookshelves, and you’ll feed their minds for life!  I discovered Usborne books and loved it so much, I signed up to be a consultant — yes, so I can buy books for myself (ahem, I meant…my kids.)  If you purchase anything through MY LINK HERE, all proceeds will go to invest back into maintaining this blog.  Thanks for your support!

(And yes, having a blog costs money – paying for server, domain, security tools, etc.)

So thank you so much for your support! 

Absolutely Must-Have’s For Any Family’s Bookshelves

For Older Kids (ages 9+)

  • History Timelines of the World History:  The very first book of its kind that has the history of the major regions of the world (e.g. different continents) lined up side by side with its timeline of history in chronological order.   So I can see that while the Industrial Revolution is happening in America and Western Europe, James Cook was sailing to Australia, India was struggling with the British, and China was invading Burma.  (YES – I can see all this with simply scanning my fingers across the charts on a page.) THE BEST VISUAL reference BOOK in my opinion.

Usborne Geography

  • Usborne Encyclopedia of World History – Everyone needs a good encyclopedia that gives you a survey of history from the beginning of times to modern day civilization.  This one is a great illustrated one – one that your kids can pore over for hours and hours.  (Note:  Usborne books are secular, so you may have to edit or filter out with your child that historians “differ” on their opinions on how the world first began…you can take out the first few pages if you need too…BUT, there is still chocked full of history that makes this a worthwhile reference book to have!)
  • Famous Composers Reference Book  – If you want your child to talk about Bach, Mozart, Brahms, Vivaldi, Schumann, Chopin, Debussy, Beethoven, Mendelssohn, Stravinsky, Bartok… as if they are amazing, gripping characters from a favorite show….  well, ’nuff said.  This book makes studying famous composers FUN.
  • The Usborne Classical Music Reference Book  – Easy to read, fun to flip through, and QR links to hear music samples…. this book will give your child an overview of operas, ballets, orchestra, origins of music notations… it’s a must-have!

Reference Books Every Family Must Own

  • Book of Famous Artists –  Who needs to fly to Italy or to go museums, when all the famous work of arts are conveniently in your hands?  My kiddos have learned about so many iconic paintings and the story behind it…simply through this book.  Word of caution:  May contain some nudity – like Michelangelo’s Statue of David.  Feel free to cut out paper, glue over it and give the art “clothing” if you prefer. 🙂

Lift the Flap Books – K-5th grade

Reading is fun by itself already.  But when you pair it with tactile touching of book flaps, well the fun just went up exponentially!

Books Our Preschoolers Love!

  • What is Poop? Any kid who is potty training would LOVE this. Actually, any kid would love this. Who doesn’t like cracking up over…POOP!

Potty Training Book

Potty Training Book

  • Little Red Riding Hood – Enthralling cut-outs and images. As you flip through the book, it almost feels like you are going “deeper” into the forest.

Fairy Tales Preschool Books

  • Shine A Lights Books – So many series to choose from!  Use a flashlight to reveal “hidden” pictures behind each page!  My favorite is the Human Body one!

Children's Books

Inside SHINE A LIGHT Human Body book. Without the flashlight? Normal fingers. With the flashlight behind the page? FINGERPRINTS!

Children's discovery Books

Inside the Human Body SHINE A LIGHT Book. Without the flashlight, it looks like a NORMAL picture of a pregnant Mom. But with a flashlight? You can see how a baby is positioned inside the belly. GREAT LEARNING activity for the kids….and ahem, to broach the subject of the birds and the bees?? 🙂

Kid's books

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